How to convert DRM music to iPhone

How to convert DRM music to iphone ringtone on mac
We all know that DRM music(including some iTunes songs) are restrictive and obnoxious when you wan to use them, even though you have purchased them legally.
This article will teach you how to remove the purchased music DRM protection and make iphone ringtone on mac with your purchase music as you wished.

Remove Music DRM Protection
Probably the most widely accepted method for stripping purchased songs of DRM protection is burning tracks to a CD-R/W then re-importing back into the iTunes library. A method guaranteed to free you of DRM madness.

Create an iTunes playlist containing your purchased songs.
Insert a blank CD-R or a CD-RW.
Burn the playlist to disk.
Re-import the songs after a successful burn.
Delete the original purchased tracks.

And then you will get the NO-DRM music,and then if you have a ringtone converter,you can convert this no-drm music file to m4r iphone ringtone,here we us the iskysoft iphone ringtone maker

Convert DRM music to iPhone Ringtone
Open ringtone maker and input the NO-DRM music file
Open iPhone Ringtone Maker on Mac and drag the NO-DRM music file directly to the program.
Trim NO-DRM music to iPhone Ringtone
Appoint the start point and end point for your iPhone ringtone length to make iPhone ringtone.
Generate iPhone Ringtone from NO-DRM music
Click the start button to generate iPhone Ringtone on mac
just several simple steps, you can create iphone ringtone with DRM music for free!

The ringtone will straightly transfer to your iPhone if you select the “Transfer to iPhone”.